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Grammatical Oddities

There are many principals and structures that are widely known in the Grammar Universe….. But there are many others that people are not that aware of! Check out these – Grammatical Oddities

Straight From My Heart

GREAT NEWS!! My second collection of poetry is now available on!!! “Straight from my Heart” is a collection of poetry that I have written over the past 20-30 years. When I first started writing poems, I held a firm belief that they should all rhyme. That was the norm; that was what I was… Read More ›

A Poem Begins…..

This has been, and always will be, one of my favorite quotes about poetry. It is so very true….

It is…the storyteller….

Writers Block – Part 1

  Recently, I have felt like I have serious writers block going on.  I’m not real sure why…as I am still writing….just not what I want to be writing. I have a whole plethora of ideas floating around in my head.  Some of them have actually made the horrific journey out of my head, past… Read More ›

Being A Good Writer….

    So I was searching the internet one day, looking for pictures that might inspire me to get back to writing, when I stumbled across the above image. Here’s the thing…. I found this particular image on Pinterest about 9-10 months ago….and I am just now getting around to posting this. DAMN PINTEREST!!  … Read More ›

Writing During The Holidays

  Now…I know that the Holidays can be a very busy time for everyone…. But for you writers out there….NOW is the time to grab your pen and paper, your typewriter, your keyboard or even something to write in the snow with…..because THIS IS YOUR TIME! Here is a link to a great article I… Read More ›

Dear Santa – Writing at Christmas

  So…if you are like me…finding time to write around the Holidays is a little difficult.  And sometimes, you are just so overwhelmed with everything going on, that your brain gets fried and you have a hard time coming up with something clever to write about (that does not have to do with angry shoppers,… Read More ›

Writing Tip – Very Good!!! I mean….BRILLIANT!

A non-writing writer….

  Phew….fortunately, I have been in the writing mood lately! Although….insanity is still knocking on my door!

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