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July 23, 2021

The Written Word

So…until today, I had no idea who Annie Dillard was. For this…I am quite ashamed. So…I went and did my research. And WOW! The words! The prose! The talent!! I am swooning!! I need to do more research! Something deeper than Google this time. For now….I am sharing the attached quote! It blew me away!… Read More ›

Refresh Your Writing Space

9 Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Writing Space for Maximum Inspiration – BY Kristen Pope – JANUARY 23, 2017 While a sunlight-filled office with exotic artwork from global travels, bright flowers, and a stunning ocean view sounds like writer’s heaven, not every creative has that kind of writing space. But you can transform whatever space… Read More ›

Find Your Passion…

Lately, due to all of my heath issues, I have really been struggling to figure out what my purpose is in life anymore.  For so many years…my purpose (and passion) was working in the customer service industry.  Being there for others and helping make their lives easier and better. But since I can no longer… Read More ›


I am in LOVE with the song “Unwell” by the group Matchbox Twenty. I have been since the first day I heard it and I still am to this day. There is just something about it that resonates within me…something that reaches deep down within my soul and says, “Hey….I think they are singing about… Read More ›

You Know You’re A Writer #2

Now that I can no longer work due to my Meniere’s Disease…I keep telling everyone that I am going to get back to work on my writing. And…I keep telling people that…. And…I keep telling people that…. One of these days…I am actually going to do it.  Not sure what is holding me back.  Maybe… Read More ›

A Writer’s Christmas Wish List

Yea….pretty sure if I got to visit the Jolly Old Elf…these things would be on my list as well! Maybe I will get lucky and he will actually read my letter this year!!

Write Things Down

This is SOOOOO very true people! There are days that I literally beat myself up because I didn’t write down all the things I should have written down during the first 40+ years of my life.  (I have the black eyes to prove it) If you have an i-Phone – SIRI is very capable of… Read More ›

You Know You’re A Writer #1

I honestly have a list of about 120 great book titles that I have come up with…which I will never write.  If anyone is interested in one…just let me know the topic of a book you are writing. More than happy to share!  LOL

Writers Block Soap – Gift Idea

I don’t know about you…but I am hard to shop for.  NOT!  If you are a writer…you probably have a TON of stuff that you really don’t need…but you have because it is interesting and you may just use it in your next Best Selling Novel. However…if you have writers block….and someone is needing a… Read More ›

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