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I should be….

Should Be Asleep

One of the problems that I have with my new life with Meniere’s Disease and Fibromyalgia is that I am never on a normal schedule.

What has become my new normal would seem very strange and very weird to pretty much everyone else in the world that does not have chronic illnesses.

Part of the problem is my meds.  My meds really mess with me and have wrought havoc with my body.  So…now my body thinks that it needs to sleep during the day and have continual bowel movements all through the night.  YAY for that!

They have also decided that what is coming out of my body should come out in various shapes, colors and formats that aren’t always conceivable for the how and the where.


Anyway….I digress….

My Meniere’s pretty much has decided that I should have some sort of vertigo episode every day of my life now.  I have seen every possible doctor, tried every possible treatment, been on every single med, had surgery, had injections, blah blah blah.  The only thing I haven’t tried to help with my Vertigo???   The Spin Doctors!


Thinking they wouldn’t be much help!

So…with those vertigo episodes hitting at different times during the day, I never know when they are going to knock me down and make me need to sleep.  So….sometimes after I have taken a long winters nap….I get vertigo….and need to take another 2-8 hour nap. Or maybe 15 minutes.  It really just depends.  My body is a little finicky when it comes to that!

I seem to do better at night.  There is less noise.  Less distraction.  Less sunlight.

So…that is when I try to do my Etsy Store stuff (here comes my shameless plug)


Just click the last sentence and buy stuff.  We need the money.


So…since René works her normal 8-5 shift….I try to be awake and coherent when she gets home so we can spend quality time together.  Quality time together usually consists of the following:

So….anyway….I guess what I am trying to say….is that it is 4:00 AM and I should be asleep.

But I should also be a better husband.  I should also be healthier.  I should also be working 8-5 like Rene.  I should be not in the bathroom throwing up because of my vertigo two-four times a day.  I should not be in the bathroom all night doing GOD knows what because I accidentally ate a hot-dog for dinner instead of a sodium free rice cake.

But….what I am….is grateful that I am alive.   Grateful for my wonderful wife!  Grateful for my Mom!  Grateful for my friends and family and for those people out there that don’t even know me but are praying for me every day anyway.

What should I be??  I should be…….ME!

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