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Things Could Be Worse


So I have been having a little bit of a “pity party” for myself lately and I have really not been able to get myself out of the funk.  Things have been quite hectic at work (although…sometimes I need that and honestly quite prefer it that way), but the biggest problem has been my health.  Once again…I am starting off the new year with nothing but sickness. Granted, there was the nice week I spent in Palm Springs for work…but except for that week…I have honestly been sick or felt like crap the rest of the time.  Kidney Stones, Flu, Pneumonia, Thrush (yup…that horrible stuff that babies get), and just general all around pain and yuck.

But as I was sitting here at my computer not sleeping (which is another issue I have that affects my health), I came across the picture below.  And quite frankly…I had to chuckle. And then my chuckle turned into giggling.  And then the giggling turned into laughter.  And that laughter made me choke and cough to the point that I all of a sudden had a massive headache.  But even after all of that…I realized that although I hate not feeling good all the time…things could be worse!!!!

Tough Day


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