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Dear Santa – Writing at Christmas



So…if you are like me…finding time to write around the Holidays is a little difficult.  And sometimes, you are just so overwhelmed with everything going on, that your brain gets fried and you have a hard time coming up with something clever to write about (that does not have to do with angry shoppers, people who can’t sing…singing Christmas Carols, cookies making you fat, etc.)

So….I have a writing challenge for you!!

Write a letter to Santa Claus!

Santa Claus Christmas Picture


I know when I was a kid…I loved writing my letter to Santa!  So why not do it as an adult!?

Maybe it will be the Rooty Toot Toot in your Rummy Tum Tum!!!

Now…don’t make it as generic as this one….

Dear Santa letter


And you don’t have to be as specific as this one….



Just have fun with it!!!!

Let Santa know why you deserve the presents you are asking for!  Let him know how “nice” you have been this year *wink wink*

And remember….Santa makes his list and checks it twice…so you still have a little time to get it done!!


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  1. Dear Santa,I only want two things for Christmas…..happiness and love.Now I know its said that money can’t buy you happiness and love,but I’d like to disprove that theory.So,please send me a million dollars! I still believe in you……Diane



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