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We Need To Learn To Share – By Scott


So….recently Indianapolis added a “Bike Lane” to a road that I travel on every day to work.  Now…I personally think that this is an awesome thing, and I have the utmost respect for people who ride their bikes to work.  I could never do it!  I am too fat and too out of shape to even walk a bike very far.   But I am a strong advocate of sharing the roads!!!  And I wish that everyone felt this way!

However…this morning I witnessed one of these bicyclists being extremely rude.

Not everyone knows Bike Hand Signals.  I mean…I know I learned them when I was a kid…but I couldn’t remember them to save me!

Well…one of the two bicyclists (that had already moved into the car lane well ahead of their turn) finally stuck his arm out (like shown above) letting us know he wanted to turn left.

Did he keep his arm up?  No!  He did the signal and then dropped his arm down.

Well…a car that was pretty close behind him started to get over in the turn lane as well and the bicyclist cut him off.  He then turned around and flipped the driver of the car off and just sat there at the light staring at him and cussing him out!

What The Heck!!!??

Come on people!!  There is no need for those sort of actions or reactions!!!  This driver didn’t realize what you were doing!  He didn’t do anything wrong!  If anything….the bicyclist was at fault for not keeping his hand signal up!

We just need to be more understanding!!  We need to be more compassionate!!  We need to not have so much anger!!

We need to learn to SHARE the right way!!!

Till we meet again…..  SCOTT



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