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Choose Happiness – By Scott



Ok….so one of the things I don’t understand about people…is how they can so often be the cause of their own unhappiness.

I was talking with a friend this morning, and they were telling me about how their life is just really getting to them because of all the stress they have in their lives.  So I asked what was causing all the stress, and I started to get a list rattled off to me:

  1. No money
  2. Child is starting school this year
  3. Hate their job
  4. Only had 2 vacations this past year
  5. Getting fat

I stood there in total disbelief of what I was hearing.  I mean…she literally started to cry after rattling off this list!?  I told her that everything would work out and that she just needed to keep her chin up….and then I excused myself.  But that is not what I wanted to say.  What I wanted to say was:

“What the Hell is wrong with you?!?!”

Now….hopefully you can understand my sentiment just from reading the paragraphs above, but if not…let me tell you some more!

  1. This person buys herself a new outfit and new shoes every week because she says it makes her feel better about herself.  She also eats lunch out every single day!  EVERY DAY!
  2. All summer, all we heard about was how her son was getting on her last nerve and that she couldn’t wait for him to start Kindergarten
  3. She fought to get the position that she now has within the company she works for…mainly because of the pay increase but also because it was “what she wanted to do.”
  4. They went to Disney World….and then they went on a cruise to the Caribbean
  5. She eats lunch out every single day!  EVERY DAY!  And typically it is fast food!

I don’t get it people!  I do understand how things in our lives can cause stress, but why help it along??  Quit dwelling on the bad and realize how much good is coming your way!!  You got to experience two awesome trips with your family!  You have a wonderful child who is starting a new chapter in their lives!  You have a job that pays well…when so many people in this world are struggling!  You have food on your plate every day when there are people in this world starving to death!

We make our own happiness!  And how you choose to live your life is your choice!

CHOOSE HAPPINESS!!!  I promise you won’t regret it!!


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