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When I saw the above picture, it really got me thinking about choices and decisions that I had made in my life that I regret making.  So often in my life, I feel that I made decisions not based on what was best for me or what I wanted, but rather what I needed to do or what the circumstances led me to do.

But let us think about that.  If I made a decision based on the feeling that I “needed” to do it, isn’t that still doing what I wanted to do?  I made a conscious decision to do something….so that is my choice!  My decision!

The question though…is can you still regret making that decision?  I truly believe you can!  Even though I may have “wanted” it at that time…it might not have been for the right reasons….or it still may have hurt someone else….or it could have been detrimental to my own well-being!

I think it is the regret that helps us learn and become better people.  It can help us see the error of our ways and may direct us to make better decisions in the future.  It is the regret that can lead us to stop and say, “I screwed up….and I am sorry!”  And let’s face it folks…too often…we push that regret down deep inside until it just eats us up and could possibly burn bridges that could have been strengthened with a simple apology.

So my solution when it comes to regret….

Ask for forgiveness….whether it is from someone else…or from yourself!

Avoid blame and take responsibility!

Learn from the situation or circumstance!

Then try to Live Your Life Without Regret!!!

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  1. I consider my love life in the same way.Every man that I’ve loved has helped me be the person I am today.Each one has introduced me to new and different things.Some have been my creative muse,which in turn inspired me to create some of my best art,poems or stories.Many of these relationships have ended badly,with me getting my heart broke.BUT,I never regretted any of them!Even though I am considered old by most people’s standards,I will always look to the future with anticipation….to my next love… my next muse….and maybe even my first creative masterpiece?!



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