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False Memories – My Novel



So…after a long procrastination period…I have finally decided to write the novel that I have always wanted to write.

The title of the book is called “False Memories” and will be a suspense/thriller with some humor thrown in for good measure.

The inspiration of this book came to me one day while I was discussing a childhood memory that I could vividly recall in my mind.  However, I started to wonder if I was actually retrieving the memory from my subconscious or if I was actually just remembering the photo that was taken that particular day which I have seen a million times.  I still am not sure which memory I possess, but either way, it led me to the concept of this book and I am grateful for that.

The other source of my inspiration is from my favorite author Linwood Barclay.  His writing is brilliant, and if you have never read any of his books, I recommend them all.  When I read his novels, I feel a sense of motivation that I never have experienced before.   He makes me want to share the thoughts and ideas that float around in my head and he makes me want to be a better writer.   He is the author that I aspire to be like someday.

So….stay tuned!  But in the meantime….I hope you enjoy the many other writings that I will be posting on here and my other pages that are accessible from the main page.

Have a great day!

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  1. I have an idea for a novel as well.Its a sci-fi/horror/love story that takes place on a planet named Majesty,which is ruled by a beautiful queen named Europa with ninjas,shapeshifting monsters, lots of fighting and of course some very hot bedroom action.I have lots of notes and such.Need to organize them.Maybe post my ideas and get some feedback.



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